Aflas® materials exhibit excellent chemical, heat and steam resistance. They have similar properties to FKM, but with increased resistance to bases, amines, sour gasses, steam, and radiation. Aflas® materials can have limited compression set resistance and should not be used with aromatic fuels, ketones, or chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Service Temperature Range
Low Temp. Range, °F Abbv. High Temp. Range, °F Compr. Set Oils Steam Weather/
Fuels Acids/
Bases Abrasion Wear Permeation
temperature range rating b rating a rating a rating a rating b rating a rating a rating b rating a
temperature range chart
  • Excellent
  • Moderate
  • Poor
  • Specialty Compounds Only


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General purpose, commodity grade compound. 
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Common Names:

TFE/P Rubber, Aflas®

General Description:

TFE/P Rubber exhibit excellent chemical, heat and steam resistance. They provide superior performance in water, steam and virtually all caustics making them ideal for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers that use steam and caustic chemicals in the sterilization process. TFE/P provides excellent performance in SIP (steam in place), CIP (clean in place) and WFI (water for injection) applications. TFE/P is widely used in the oil exploration and drilling industry due to its excellent steam and H2S resistance.


  • Excellent steam and caustic resistance up to 400° F (204° C)
  • Resistant to acids, bases and highly reactive organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Amines and H2S resistance
  • Ozone resistance
  • Radiation resistance up to 200 MRad of gamma-ray radiation
  • Excellent volume resistivity (greater than 1016Ω cm)


  • Aromatic Fuels
  • Ketones
  • Carbon tetrachloride
  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
  • Organic Refrigerants

Service Temperature:

-5° to 232° C (23° to 450° F)