O-Ring Installation Lubricants

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O-ring installation lubricants like Parker O-Lube and Super O-Lube help limit o-ring damage during installation, improve dynamic performance and can improve the sealing service life of o-rings in some applications. O-ring installation lubricants are a simple way to maximize your o-ring investment and ensure proper sealing performance over the life of the o-ring.

Installation lubricants from allorings.com are available online and ready to ship today.

O-Ring Installation Lubricants Available to Order Online:

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LUBRICANT – Universal O-Ring Lubricant
Low Cost O-Lube and Super O-Lube Alternative

Silicone oil based lubricant O-Ring and Seal installation aide limiting damage compatible with nearly all rubber sealing materials and mating surfaces. Can improve sealing performance in some vacuum and high pressure applications. Tube 50g (1.76oz) Use a thin film especially on silicone products for best results. Lower cost Parker O-Lube and Parker Super O-Lube alternative.
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Order Parker Super O-Lube SLUBE 884-2, a 2oz tube of all purpose high viscosity silicone oil (not a grease) that can be used as an O-Ring lubricant during assembly to limit installation damage. Super O-Lube can be used with all rubber O-Ring materials, but only use a thin film of Super-O-Lube with silicone rubber to prevent O-Ring seal damage.

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LUBRICANT – Krytox™ LPV High Vacuum Grease

High-Vacuum Grease Performs Dependably — No Matter What Conditions Your System Operates Under.
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Order Parker O-Lube 884-2 2oz tube, a general purpose grease O-Ring lubricant intended for use with seals that perform in hydrocarbon service and can also be used in pneumatic service. Not recommended for silicone, butyl, or ethylene propylene rubber, or for use in systems with micronic filters.

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LUBRICANT - Dow Silicone Gel Based FDA and NSF Compliant

Dow Corning silicone based lubricant gel similar to Parker Super O-Lube but thicker also FDA complainant and NSF 51 and 61 Registered at a lower cost.

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LUBRICANT - Temporary Lubricant for Seal Installation FDA and NSF Compliant

10ml (0.33oz) tube of Biodegradable FDA Compliant and NSF Registered H1 Temporary Assembly Lubricant for O-Rings and rubber components that dries in hours without a trace.  Large containers are available upon request for high volume coating of parts for use in auto insertion assembly equipment.

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LUBRICANT - Thick Gel Temporary Lubricant for Seal Installation FDA and NSF Compliant

10ml (0.33oz) tube of Biodegradable FDA Compliant and NSF Registered H1 Temporary Assembly Lubricant Gel for O-Rings and rubber components that dries without a trace.  Gel is thick enough to not drip in overhead installations.